Commercial Law  

The Commercial Law Practice Group is headed by the A/Director, Michael Granziera.

For details regarding specific areas of law relating to government, see the Directory of Services.

What we can do for you

The matters handled by our Commercial Law Practice Group include matters relating to:

  • powers of agencies to enter into specific commercial transactions

  • ​general commercial agreements including goods and services, confidentiality, funding, Procure IT

  • intellectual property, including copyright, trademarks and licensing agreements

  • requests for tenders and probity matters arising from the tender process

  • finance (including the requirements of the Public Authorities (Financial Arrangements) Act 1987), grants and funding arrangements

  • corporations law

  • competition law

  • general commercial and revenue litigation

  • debt recovery

  • alternative and early dispute resolution of commercial claims.


Clients requiring additional information should contact the A/Director, Michael Granziera, on 02 8224 5321 or email csomarketing@cso.nsw.gov.au. Clients who would like a copy of the Commercial Law Practice Group profile, which details solicitors' background and experience and support staff contact details, can email csomarketing@cso.nsw.gov.au