Time poor but want to attend our legal seminars? With our remote access webinars you can now participate in all of our seminars with the click of a button.  It's as easy as that.

What you need

  • internet connection

  • computer, laptop, iPad or smartphone

What is included?

  • live listening

  • view the speakers and PowerPoint 

  • send questions to the panel

  • download the papers online

  • earn MCLE/CPD points

Webinar Series 2017 Program 

Property & Native Title​29 March 2017
​Criminal Law​26 April 2017
​Child Protection​24 May 2017
​Employment Law & Industrial Relations​21 June 2017
​Administrative law​26 July 2017
​Commercial Law​23 August 2017
​Torts​20 September 2017
​Community & Inquiries​25 October 2017
​Government & Constitutional​22 November 2017

How do you register? 

  1. Simply email csomarketing@cso.nsw.gov.au to receive an invitation.

  2. You will then receive an invitation via email prior to the webinar.  Register via the link provided in this email.  You will receive a confirmation email explaining how to join the live webinar.

If you would like more information regarding our Webinar Series, please email csomarketing@cso.nsw.gov.au.  



100% of participants stated the webinar met their objectives

86.2% of participants stated they would recommend CSO webinars to colleagues

Source: CSO Webinar Series 2014 survey results

Face to Face seminars

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Webinar recordings

Past Webinar Recordings are available to clients.