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Sustainable CSO    

NABERS RATING: We have achieved a 4.5 star NABERS rating for our tenancy.

The CSO is pleased to announce the success of our application for Bronze Partnership in the Sustainability Advantage program.

Managed by the Department of Environment and Heritage, the program has over 530 organisations participating across NSW. Over 30% of members have been recognised as Bronze, Silver or Gold Partners for achieving positive environmental outcomes. The CSO is now part of this 30%.

Reaching this level has required considerable effort by staff members who helped reduce our energy usage across a range of areas.

We are pleased to pass on the benefits of our energy savings to our NSW Government clients.

Sustainable business practices

The CSO is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and creating a more sustainable future.

The Sustainability Advantage Program aims to:

  • manage environmental risk and ensure compliance 

  • use resources more efficiently 

  • integrate environmental strategies and business planning 

  • manage carbon footprint and manage emissions

  • enhance customer, supplier and community relationships

  • engage and train staff to become an employer of choice.

Without compromising on our high level of client services we have implemented a number of strategies.

"From little things ..."

  • using recycled paper

  • ensuring energy efficient lighting

  • providing seminar resources (cups, pens, etc) from recycled materials

  • our internal promotion campaigns to switch off lights and computers

  • reducing electricity usage by 10%

  • reducing paper usage 

  • sending electronic documents/reports to clients rather than hard copy

  • transferring files to digital.

By putting paper in our secure paper destruction bins in fin year 2013/14, rather than wastebaskets (30 metric tonnes/30,480kg of recycled paper) we: 

  • saved 457 trees

  • reduced 122 cubic metres of landfill

  • saved 968,654 litres of water

  • saved 76 barrels of oil

  • saved 124,968 kilowatt hours of electricity.

In addition we have reduced:

  • our overall paper usage by 7% pa

  • our electricity usage by 5% pa

All of our halogen lights have been replaced by LEDs.








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