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The NSW Crown Solicitor's Office operates as a Public Service Executive Agency related to the Department of Justice, with the Crown Solicitor as head of the agency (under Schedule 1 of the Government Sector Employment Act 2013.)

The Crown Solicitor provides legal services to the State Government of NSW and the other entities defined in s. 44 of the Legal Profession Uniform Law Application Act 2014

We are the largest provider of legal services to the NSW Government and its agencies, and the sole provider of legal services in all matters regarded as core to government functions.

We also provide general commercial, or untied, services to the Government and its agencies, and compete with private sector law firms for this work. The CSO is on the legal panels of several NSW government departments and agencies.

We manage thousands of legal matters each year, many of which are long-running matters involving substantial litigation. More than 400 legal and support staff work at the CSO.

As the leading provider of legal services to the NSW Government, we have the right experience, resources and capacity to provide you with authoritative, timely, cost effective and ethical legal solutions with significant benefits to your agency. Your legal work is our core business. 

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