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Instructing the Crown Solicitor and briefing counsel

Instructing the Crown Solicitor

If you represent a body for whom the Crown Solicitor can act and would like to instruct the CSO in a legal matter, then:

  • address written instructions to 'the Crown Solicitor'
  • send written instructions by post, fax, or email, or deliver by hand. Go to our Contact Us page for details.

Once we have received instructions, your matter will be assigned to the most appropriate legal practitioner who will make contact with you within 24 hours.

In cases where the matter is urgent, or you would like to speak with someone who specialises in a particular field, you can directly contact any one of our Assistant Crown Solicitors. 

Download the CSO's Standard Terms of Engagement.

The Crown Solicitor does not provide legal services to the general public.

Briefing counsel

The Crown Solicitor briefs in accordance with the NSW Government Equitable Briefing Policy, and caps brief fees in accordance with the Attorney General’s rates for Legal Representation.

Briefs to Senior Counsel are governed by Premier’s Memorandum C2018-06.

Crown Solicitor’s Counsel Database

If you wish to be included on the Crown Solicitor’s Counsel Database, please download and complete the Counsel Database Addition form and email it, along with a one-page CV, to

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