Crown Solicitor's Office

​Profile: Robert Ghanem, Solicitor

Issued: Thursday 11 June 2015

I completed a Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and a Master of Environmental Science and Law at the University of Sydney in 2009.  I joined the CSO in 2011. I was attracted to the CSO because of its prestigious reputation, its breadth of legal work and the fact that it involved providing legal services to the NSW Government to achieve positive outcomes for the people of NSW.  Through the CSO rotational policy, I have been exposed to and gained experience in many areas of law - contract law, commercial litigation, property transactions, child protection, legal advice writing and advocacy in all courts and tribunals in NSW.  I would strongly recommend the CSO to any prospective employee as you will quickly develop your legal skills and experience in a myriad of legal areas, while receiving ongoing training and support to further your career.