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Service standards

The Crown Solicitor has established standards for service in the conduct of legal matters.

As part of the continuing process to improve client service, the CSO surveys a cross-section of clients every 12 months.

Additionally, we randomly survey completed matters every two months.  This feedback is critical to help us better understand and respond to issues important to our clients.

Service areas surveyed include:

  • understanding client priorities
  • responsiveness: response time to establish initial contact and length of time to return phone calls
  • access: availability and ease of contacting solicitors
  • reliability: meeting deadlines and notice of pending dates
  • competency
  • communication: reports on progress and usefulness of matter summary reports
  • accuracy
  • outcomes achieved
  • fees/charges.

If you would like to provide general feedback, please email with your comments.

Continuous improvement in client service levels is of the utmost importance to the CSO. If you have issues or queries regarding our service to you, please contact the relevant Practice Group Director or the CSO Practice Manager. Visit our contact us page for details. 

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