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The CSO is the largest provider of legal services to state government agencies in NSW.

We know government. We understand your priorities and objectives, and the sensitive political environment in which you operate. We operate with the highest possible levels of probity and professional independence.

We have the right experience. We manage thousands of matters each year across the full spectrum of NSW government agencies. Our office offers you the benefits of a full-service legal business.

We provide prompt, authoritative advice focused on resolution. We utilise alternative dispute resolution when it's appropriate and advantageous, and have a strong track record of resolving claims at an early stage.

We keep costs to a minimum. We exist to serve the public interest, not to maximise profit.

We will protect your interests and reputation. Our emphasis on the law, honesty, ethics, integrity and reputation is particularly relevant given the public's growing expectation of transparency and a high degree of accountability. We are accustomed to conducting matters under the glare of public scrutiny.

We compete on our merits. Government agencies are under no obligation to use us for non-core work, and we successfully compete in the legal market place for this work.

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