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Legal alerts, presentations and papers


Regulatory & Environment Insights: When self-incriminating evidence can be used: the limits of the accusatorial principle (Turnbull v Office of Environment and Heritage [2021] NSWCCA 190. 1 October 2021. Read online.

Regulatory & Environment Insights: 'Clear the site, but...' vicarious liability for actions of an independent contractor (Chia v Ku-ring-gai Council [2021] NSWCCA 189). 1 October 2021. Read online

Legal Alert: Further temporary reforms to facilitate electronic signing of documents by companies. 20 August 2021. Read online

Regulatory & Environment Insights: Similar, but different: The parity principle and sentencing related offenders (Li v R [2021] NSWCCA 75). 8 June 2021. Read online

Legal Alert: NSW Government Intellectual Property Framework 2020. 19 May 2021. Read online. Download publication (PDF).

Regulatory & Environment Insights: A finding of guilt only: Section 10(1)(a) dismissals for environmental offences. 27 April 2021. Read online. Download publication (PDF).

Regulatory & Environment Insights: Letting go of bad blood? Assessing probative value under s. 138, Evidence Act (R v Riley [2020] NSWCCA 283). 8 March 2021. Read online. Download publication (PDF).

Legal Alert: Worth the wait? Native title legislation reform package passed - Native Title Legislation Amendment Bill 2021. 4 February 2021. Read onlineDownload publication (PDF).


Regulatory & Environment Insights: Mind your mens rea! When is state of mind relevant in crimes of strict liability? (Chahoud v Penrith City Council). 18 December 2020. Read onlineDownload publication (PDF).

Regulatory & Environment Insights: Through muddy waters: clarity on the question of duplicity in charging for environmental offences (Kiangatha Holdings Pty Ltd v Water NSW). 26 October 2020. Read onlineDownload publication (PDF).

Regulatory & Environment Insights: You can't ask that! Submitting questions of law to the court of criminal appeal under s. 5AE of the Criminal Appeal Act 1912(Orr v Cobar Management Pty Limited). 7 September 2020. Read onlineDownload publication (PDF).

Fact Sheet: Public interest immunity. 25 August 2020. Read onlineDownload publication (PDF).

Regulatory & Environment Insights: “I did it, but...": a prosecutor's obligation to tender mixed statements (Nguyen v The Queen). 3 July 2020. Read onlineDownload publication (PDF).

Case Note: Compelling an employee to give evidence in an inquest when their employer is subject to a related criminal prosecution. 25 June 2020. Read onlineDownload publication (PDF).

Legal Alert: Charitable trusts: NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades donations fund. 26 May 2020. Read onlineDownload publication (PDF).

Legal Alert: Commercial transactions: further reforms to facilitate the creation and signing of documents electronically. 21 May 2020. Read onlineDownload publication (PDF).

Legal Alert: COVID-19 Legislation Amendment (Emergency Measures - Miscellaneous) Bill 2020 (NSW). 19 May 2020. Read onlineDownload publication (PDF).

Legal Alert: COVID-19 legislation: amendments to the Interpretation Act 1987 to allow modification of statutory time periods. 15 May 2020. Read online. Download publication (PDF).

Legal Alert: COVID-19 legislation: new regulation provides for witnessing court documents, including affidavits, by audio visual link. 23 April 2020. Read online. Download publication (PDF) .

Legal Alert: COVID-19 legislation: signing court documents, including affidavits, during the COVID-19 pandemic. 8 April 2020. Read onlineDownload publication (PDF).

Legal Alert: Public health orders: restrictions on gathering and movement and mandatory quarantine at designated facilities. 31 March 2020. Read onlineDownload publication (PDF).

Legal Alert: Commercial transactions: force majeure and COVID-19. 31 March 2020. Read onlineDownload publication (PDF).

Legal Alert: Amendments to the Government Sector Employment (General) Rules 2014 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 31 March 2020. Read onlineDownload publication (PDF).

Legal Alert: COVID-19 Legislation Amendment (Emergency Measures) Act 2020. 26 March 2020. Read onlineDownload publication (PDF)

Legal Alert: Commercial transactions: signing documents remotely and reforms to facilitate document execution under specified acts. 25 March 2020. Read onlineDownload publication (PDF).

Seminar: Professional skills for advisors. 13 March 2020. Download seminar slides (PDF)Watch video recording (online).

  • 'Drafting for government agencies', Amalia Stanizzo
  • 'Practical tips for statutory interpretation', Michael Granziera

Seminar: Government contracting and compulsory acquisitions. 13 March 2020. Download seminar slides (PDF)Watch video recording (online).

  • 'Government contracting in a procurement context', Felicity Shaw
  • 'Public finance and government contracting', Michael Granziera
  • 'Digging deep with underground acquisitions', Jodi Denehy and James Innes

Seminar: Digging deep with underground acquisitions. 13 March 2020. Download seminar slides (PDF)Watch video recording (online).


Seminar: Sentencing in the local court. 16 October 2019. Download seminar slides (PDF)Watch video recording (online)Listen to audio recording (MP3).

Legal Alert: Government procurement: new enforceable procurement provisions to regulate NSW Government agency procurement. 23 September 2019. Read onlineDownload publication (PDF).

Legal Alert: Significant High Court native title compensation decision: what Timber Creek means for NSW Government projects. 15 March 2019. Read onlineDownload publication (PDF).

Seminar: Property law and native title. 13 March 2019. Download seminar slides (PDF)Listen to audio recording (MP3).

  • 'Things you need to know about Aboriginal land and native title', Louise Darcy
  • 'Things you need to know about compulsory acquisition procedures', Paul Rankins

Paper: Getting it right before the deal is done, Paul Rankins. 13 March 2019. Download publication (PDF).

Paper: Compulsory acquisitions: things you need to know about Aboriginal land claims and native title, Louise Darcy, Sylvia Hart and Caitlin Fegan. 13 March 2019. Download publication (PDF).


Paper: Applications for serious crime prevention orders, Brett Thomson. 17 October 2018. Download publication (PDF).


Paper: A hypothetical inquest into the death of Jo Jackson. 25 October 2017. Download publication (PDF).

Seminar: Criminal law. 26 April 2017. Download seminar slides (PDF).

  • 'Recent developments in appellate criminal cases', Catherine Follent

  • 'High risk offenders - public protection and personal rehabilitation', Brett Thomson

Paper: In case you missed it: significant recent developments in criminal case law, Catherine Follent and Ann Bonnor. 26 April 2017. Download publication (PDF).